Workshop on Neurodevelopmental Treatment for Adult Stroke

Hands-on approach, Practical demonstrations on Models and Stroke patients

One-to-one training, Engagement with live sessions

NDT Basics

NDT Philosophy

Motor Control and Motor Learning

Motor Development


Doccumentation using ICF Model

Movement Analysis

Function/Tak Analysis

Goal Setting

Intervention Session traid

Demonstration on Patients

Practical Demonstration of

Movement analysis

Function/Task analysis

Upper extremity functional training: Activities of daily living like eating, personal hygiene, and occupational activities.

Trunk functional training: Supine to sit training, Sit to stand, Scooting, Squatting, Standing training

Lower limb functional training: Walking, stair climbing.

Demonstration on Models

Movement analysis

Supine to sit, Forward scooting, backward scooting, Sit to Stand, Stand to sit and Squating analysis.

Function/Task analysis:

Walking/gait Analysis

Daily activities of living

Occupational activities

Leisure activities

Play or hobbies analysis

I sincerely thank Dr. Purusotham Chippala for such a great session. Sir, we highly appreciate your structured approach to such a wide topic with some fantastic take aways which we can add to our clinical practice. Your enthusiasm and humour were motivational and you’ve given us a lot to think about. Grateful to you Sir”


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